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Toon Girl

RuneToon Update 1.5


1. Added ::refer for new comer

2.Added ::droprate command to check drop rate

3.Created boss ring (i) with 20% drop rate

4.Added elite box in vote shop

5.Black dragon and steels dragon now drop dragon arrows

6. 2x xp weekend fixed

7. Added daily rewards
8. Max and comp cape give drop rate bonus max cape 5% comp 10%
9. Added boss point to dawn
10. remake donor shop


11.Added ''dawn'' to replace raids 2 boss

12.Added light t bow and fixed spec

13.Rewrite vetion and callisto and added new location and teleports ::callisto ::vetion

14.Anger sword fixed and added to kalphite queen

15.Dawn fixed and maked instanced

16.Gold tree boosted

17.Anciant wyverns muved to boss teleport and nerf his power

18.Fixed thieving teleport

19.Added a auto vote reminder also players now have a chance to receive a mystery box when voting

20.Remaked ::szone drops

21.Added a new white tbow, with special attack

22.Added a new white scythe , with special attack

13.Added a White sang staff

24. Points 1, 10 ,11,12 can be upgraded be using items

25.more hidden stuff

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