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Toon Girl

Magic well

Magic well Upgraded items and Chance

Normal Blowpipe > Magma Blowpipe /35% chance
Normal Anguish > Anguish or  /35% chance
Normal Twisted bow > dark twisted bow /35% chance
dark twisted bow > fire twisted bow /35% chance
Guardian boots > Angelic boots /35% chance
Diamond Box > Sapphire box / 35% chance
Death Cape > Sack Presents / 35% chance
Normal Armadyl godsword > Demonic Armadyl Godsword / 35% Chance
Normal Scythe of vitur > Scythe of vitur X /35% Chance
Ancestral hat > Celestial hood /35% Chance

Ancestral robe Top > Celestial Body /35% Chance
Ancestral Robe bottom >  Celestial Bottom /35% Chance
Virtus >  Ancestral /35% Chance
Phernix > Sagittarian /35% Chance

Divine > Demonic spirit shield  /35% Chance
Blood necklace > Split Dragon Tooth. /35% Chance

Ring of the Gods > Ring of Bosses.  /35% Chance

Ragefire boots > Eternal Boots / 35% Chance

Glaiven Boots > Peasant Boots  / 35% Chance
Steadfast Boots > Primordial Boots / 35% Chance
Torva  >  Justiciar / 35% Chance
Bandos > Torva  / 35% Chance
Dragon scimitar > Dragon Scimitar (or). /35% Chance

Slayer helm > Full slayer helm. /35% Chance

Dragon kite shield> Dragonfireward. /35% Chance
Abyssal whip > Vine whip. /35% Chance

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