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Toon Girl

Server Rules


RuneToon Does not accept any offensive language of any kind by either staff member or community member. 

RuneToon does not allow any sort of black market dealing. If caught for any reason permanent ban could be in order.

Lets hopefully keep the chat to helpful suggestions, or simple banter. Please try to keep the trolling and spamming to a minimum. With continued abuse can land you a permanent ban.

As a member of the community you need to be able to trust and believe in the staff members hand picked for you. Those caught abusing the power given to them will not only lose their staff rank but the ability to play on that account. Saying this it will still require proof to follow up on so please do screenshot or whatever you can to help your case.

RuneToon will not accept any unofficial Advertising, those with the permission to do so (from Owner/Developer) are fine. Those who break this rule can find themselves removed from the server immediately.

RuneToon Does not accept or allow botting and can result in a permanent ban. As the staff/Owners decide on a correct way to progress with this rule. 

Alternate accounts are allowed for some events EX. AFK Zone and skilling. Completing world boss events, bosses, or AOE environments can result in permanent ban of the account with more consequences if continued.

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